School Re-opening Mass cum Installation of Student Leaders in office

Father Matthew Chan officiated at this year’s School Reopening Mass. In his sermon, the celebrant expounded on the positive impact of a warm, hopeful, hearty personal touch. To convince us, he told a story of a little boy who dispelled the distressed thought of a widow with cheerful greetings and a broad smile. In the story, the small act of warmth eventually gave the downcast a gleam of hope for life. The central idea of the mass is about discerning what is good and do so for the good of others. During the offering, students presented at the altar our Student Companion and prayer book, symbolic of commitment to lead a positive student life in His guidance. We witnessed the installation of committee members of Catholic Society in office. In unity, the ambassadors of Catholic faith pledged that they would make Jesus known with their example and activities promoting faith in God. Followed that, teachers and students committed ourselves to live up to the theme of the year, Celebrating the past with gratitude, Embracing the future with hope, Sharing our life in love. In the end, Father Chan assured us that as long as we live in gratitude and kindness to our neighbours, we shall not run short of God’s peace. In the installation of student leaders in office, Sr Agnes, Sr Veronica, Miss Florence Kwok and Ms Lam Mei Yee took turn to present badges to Head Girl Core Group, Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects. Then Ms Priscilla Kwok, together with Ms Yoshie Li, Ms Laura Lai and Mr David Hung presented badges to Audentia, our elected Student Council president, vice-president and heads of boards. After that, the advisers of six houses presented house flags and badges to their own House Captains and Deputy House Captains. Sonia Chow, Head Girl of 2018-19, marked the commencement of academic year with her maiden speech on passing on the Sacred Heart heritage, that is, passion and compassion; charity and humility. The newly appointed Head Girl connected the past to the present with the important values shared by our six distinguished alumna. She encouraged us to embrace challenges with a positive mind and fill our lives with faith, hope and diligence. She furthered the benefit of student activities, through which participants would deepen their self-understanding and be able to practise how to serve the community and the needy in Sri Lanka and Cambodia with love. Before the end of the ceremony, Sr Veronica involved us in expressing our gratitude for the effort of the janitor, clerical staff, student volunteers and teachers who lent a hand in restoring the campus in good shape.