Authors Talks for S3 classes

Mrs Choy, the Teacher Librarian, collaborated with the Reading Team to arrange a series of amateur writers’ talks for our S1-3 classes in the home periods. Our guests shared a common interest in expressing themselves through their written works. On January 22, Miss Winsome Lee, a graduate in forensic anthropology, gave us an amusing talk about maceration, ancestry and her motviation to write about observations and experiences in foresinc science. On 24 January, Mr Fong Chi Kong, an enthusiast in weather and founder of Weather Underground of Hong Kong web site, gave a talk about his fascination in weather and writing. On 20 March, Dr Shinnie Wu, a medical officer in a local public hospital, shared her sensitive observations about what went on behind-the-scene when she was a housman in the public hospital. Dr Wu encouraged the audience to keep diary entries and collect touching quotes as we read books and engage in everyday life.

The talks were food for thoughts. It inspired us to be more aware of what we have and where we are.