Global Awareness Week 2019

On 18-22 March, our students were treated to Amica, a week of enriching our awareness towards cultural differences and essentials about making friends beyond the boundary of one’s nation. The ultimate goal of the event is to expand our social circle and develop a sense of empathy. Underpinned the language groups is a deep-seated bedrock of beliefs and values. That is why it helps if we are willing to break the barrier to chat with new faces.


This year’s global awareness week features person-to-person chit-chats with international friends from over 13 countries. These young men and women ran culture-related lessons, arranged a light box creative handicraft workshop, engaged in our favourite dodgeball competitions, prepared display board offering useful everyday greeting phrases in different languages, a map of the world with names of important cities and capitals, not to mention their effort to appeal to our taste buds with specialty snacks.