2021 Prize Presentation Ceremony

Sr Agnes Law, our guest of honour, Ms Lusan Hung, the Chairlady of the Alumnae Association and Mr Stephen Lee, the Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, officiated at this year’s Prize Presentation Ceremony.


We celebrated student achievements in a diversity of fields: academic achievements, STEM projects, speech and public speaking, language arts, visual art, dance, music, sports, entrepreneurship projects, community service, leadership and good conduct, to name but a few.


In her address to the audience, Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor, put an emphasis on values education, including serving the local community and the world in charity and humility. She expressed her gratitude for the unyielding effort teachers had put into cultivating students’ aspiration to excel in studies, CCAs and formation of the heart.


In addition to student effort, we gave credits to the dedication of many teachers in the past years. They will embark on a new journey. On behalf of the students, Rachel Lee, the President of the Student Council presented Mr Lai, Ms Chung, Ms Law, Ms Au Yeung, Mr Yau, Mrs Chiu and Miss Kwok a token of our appreciation.


Mrs Angela Chiu and Miss Florence Kwok, the retiring teachers, shared treasured experiences in collaborating with teachers and learning from their colleagues in different teams and committees. They also expressed gratitude to students who had made their years in Sacred Heart a special one.