Reopening Mass & Student Leaders Installation

In the school reopening mass on 15 September, Rev Dominic Lui edified us on the Seven Sorrows our Lady endured out of her reverence and awe of God. During the Eucharistic Celebration, students offered the Student Companion 2021-2022 as a token of dedication to learning with commitment. Another item our students presented was their Service Portfolio, which represents their readiness to serve with gratitude.


Following the Eucharistic Celebration was the installation of major student leaders: Head Girl and Head Girl Core Group, Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects, newly elected Student Council—Hiraeth, House Captains and Deputies, in addition to student leaders of various teams and service groups.


The Principal and Assistant Principals, Discipline Master, teacher advisers of the Student Council, the six Houses, teams and service groups affirmed the leadership of student leaders with a badge on their school ties. By doing so, the School expressed appreciation of the youngsters’ initiative to serve in humility and lead with Sacred Heart spirit.


The Head Girl, Rachel Lee, shed light on the school theme—Learning with Commitment; Serving with Gratitude. As the result of adjustment to online lessons since last year, it was found that student e-literacy has been raised at a pace much faster than expected, which favours the School’s implementation of BYOD policy this year. S1 students are having their first taste of BYOD this year while those from other forms can register their devices with the School and use them on campus for e-learning.


To realise the motto of Charity in Humility, our S3 students will make learning a benevolent experience when they initiate their class-based social enterprise projects in SHE Challenge; our S4 classes will conceive their own service projects for S4 Service Day; and many Sacred Heartists will continue to participate in tutoring primary school students in the Southern District through the Heartslink Community Service Project.


In her closing remarks, Rachel Lee made a pledge on the Head Girl Core Group’s behalf that they are ready to join hands with everyone to learn with commitment and serve with gratitude. With increased resilience from the pandemic, the student leaders are confident in overcoming their challenges, achieving their goals and aspiring to greater heights.