Student Leaders Election Forum

By tradition, we schedule a forum in the first fifteen days of September to allow student leaders to assert their visionary statements and respond to the floor questions from their schoolmates and teachers. On 9 September, candidates running for the posts of Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects advocated their personal convictions about discipline. Each of the three candidates responded to questions on student life and disciplinary matters. What was shared among responses to irregularities was respect for one’s role as a member of the school community, thus helping maintain an orderly place.


In addition to the Prefects’ Board was the Student Council Executive Committee election forum. This year, there are two proposed cabinets contending for office of Student Council 2021-2022. The president, vice-president and team heads of both Quaintrelle and Hiraeth expounded with zeal on their vision and commitment to live up to the school theme of the year.


Quaintrelle aspired to encourage their schoolmates to discover more about themselves, to learn from others and to serve the community. It was their vision to boost their schoolmates’ development to become a charismatic and serving Sacred Heartist.


Hiraeth's activities were rooted in three core values, namely aspiration, innovation and diversity. They aimed to develop a stronger sense of curiosity in learning and readiness in personal growth through student activities.


The election was scheduled to take place the school day after the forum.