School Reopening Ceremony 2021-2022

On 1 September, Sr Veronica marked the School Reopening Ceremony with an introduction to our Assistant Principals, new teachers and student leaders who were seated in the venue with S1 students and their schoolmates of several forms. The rest of the students and teachers joined the ceremony via live streaming in their classrooms.


The Assistant Principals and new teachers greeted the audience with warmth and enthusiasm. In response to the glamour of new faces, everyone applauded.


The Head Girl Core Group of 2020-2021 gave a comprehensive introduction to the objective and design of the new Student Companion. As they graduated from their alma mater, they would like to raise the awareness of younger Sacred Heartists of six essential qualities of a leader, specifically perseverance, courage, an innovative mind, respect, compassion and global awareness, each represented by a local or overseas female pioneer or campaigner they selected. These six bi-monthly themes in the Student Companion are important leader qualities students are developing at school. It is hoped that Sacred Heartists would be inspired to live a purposeful life and be empowered to be leaders of integrity and versatility with global awareness. In addition to the introductory paragraphs, there are also interactive tasks on the themes in each month. With these games and tasks, students can evaluate their progress and make improvements about their personal growth.


The credits of the unique student publication must go to Sr Veronica, the Principal, Miss Florence Kwok, Miss Renie Sinn and Miss Irene Yung, the Head Girl Core Group advisers and Miss So Wing See, the Head of Visual Arts Department for perfecting the design.


The School Reopening Ceremony was drawn to a close with the School Song.