Low Carbon Week

In order to raise students’ awareness of environment conservation, the Low Carbon Week, with the theme of recycling, was held from 11 to 15 October 2021.

To mark the start of the Week, the Principal and Assistant Principals were invited to put items made with paper, plastic and metal into the respective recycling boxes.

In the Low Carbon Week, Green Torch came up with a series of interactive activities. Students were invited to complete an online quiz on recycling and related facilities at school as well as in the neighbourhood. The first twenty participants answering all the questions correctly and the class with the highest participation rate were given prizes.

A poster design competition was held between 11 October and 11 November to help spread the message of recycling and environmental protection. Winners of the competition will be announced later.

Besides the Low Carbon Week activities, a talk on environmental protection was given to S3 students on 9 November. Ways to reduce the use of electricity were presented and students were reminded of the importance of energy conservation.