PTA AGM 2021-22

At the 19th Annual General Meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association, we were honoured to have invited Dr Chan Siu-cheuk, Alman, Principal of Zheng Sheng College to be our guest speaker. Dr Chan shared with us his experience in life coaching youngsters and tips on building a good relationship with them.  


Nowadays, our children are facing a fast-changing world which is greatly different from that in the previous decades. Parents need to keep abreast of new trends and be good listeners in order to understand how youngsters think and what they need. With more effective communication, parents can certainly have a positive impact on the growth of their children. 


In addition to the sharing by Dr Chan, a presentation on the annual and financial reports was given at the meeting by our PTA executive committee members. Another highlight of the meeting was our PTA executive committee election. We were glad that the 11 committee members of the 20th Parent-Teacher Association were successfully elected and they will continue to arrange various activities to facilitate the cooperation and communication among parents, teachers and students.