Inter-house Art Competition (Part 1) and Inter-house Cheering Song Writing Competition


The Inter-house Art Competition (Part 1) cum Inter-house Cheering Song Writing Competition  2021-22 was held on 1 August 2022. This year, the Visual Arts Department collaborated with the Music Society to organise a competition.

It was groundbreaking in many ways. It was a stop-motion animation project from scratch. At the start of 2022, the six houses were required to link up unrelated words with two adjectives and an abstract noun to create a coherent plot. After producing the props, the set and the main characters of their story, different houses had to shoot and put an ample number of photographed frames together to create a video.  The footage of the video included a few minutes of behind-the-scenes moments.  

The Inter-house Art Competition (Part 2) will be held in September 2022. The stop-motion animation videos will be showcased in front of the audience.

After a glimpse of the first part of introduction, different houses sent representatives on stage in the hall to cheer for their houses with their newly-written house songs.  Sacred Heartists are more than artists in visual arts.  In view of this, the Music Society organised the first Inter-house Cheering Song Writing Competition for student composers and lyricists to showcase their music talents and boost the spirit of each house.  Each house presented the chorus section of their new original cheering songs with DIY musical instruments and movements.  The results proved that we have an incredible range of talents in performing music: 


Best Performance Award - House of Curie

Best Melody Award - House of Teresa

Best Lyrics Award - House of Bronte

Best Props Award - House of Nightingale

Best Movement Award - House of Pankhurst

Best Team Spirit Award - House of Bronte


Congratulations to the winning houses!  The six houses will continue writing their cheering songs for the next academic year.  We are looking forward to hearing the complete version of their songs in the coming Swimming Gala and the Athletics Meet.